Hey everyone, this is seraph_phoenix, formerly known as Of the Ash Tree GKs.  I recently rebranded and purchased this domain, so this will be the current blog.  As it will be under construction for a while, I recommend contacting me via these methods:


I provide professional assembly and airbrush painting services for resin garage kits and plastic kits, be it anime, realistic or creatures. I currently do not accept commissions for mecha kits, nor do I accept work on “thai resin” kits. I can also perform heavy modifications to kits, as well as creating custom sculpted pieces for kits, such as a weapon, altered clothing, detailed bases and more.

The cost for a completed kit depends upon the complexity of the kit, as well as the quality of the casting. Any extra parts or mods you request add to production time, so please keep that in mind. I can estimate the cost of a kit but, since I charge hourly, the final cost may slightly differ. All kits come with a basic wooden base, painted a solid color, unless otherwise stated. I also work a normal everyday job and I am new to taking commissions, so please be patient with the time to complete the kit.

A $50 deposit t is required up front, before any work is started. The remainder is required after production is completed and I have your approval. Paypal is the only payment option I currently accept.

For commissions or questions, please contact me at GarekiPhoenix(at)yahoo.com